segunda-feira, maio 17, 2004


I will coach Porto: Chievo coach del Neri

FC Porto (SW)

VERONA, May 16 (SW) - Chievo Verona coach coach Luigi del Neri has
announced that he will be coaching FC Porto next season. He would then
be replacing José Mourinho who has been linked to Chelsea.

Del Neri took advantage of a press conference to share this knowledge
with the attending media and concluded saying: "At the end of the season
I will go to coach Porto."

The coach joined Chievo in 2000 has was responsible for the success of
the team, who, after being promoted to the Italian Serie A, stormed up
to the subtop of one of the most prestigious leagues of Europe.

On Thursday, Del Neri was in the headlines as he was one of the persons
to be interrogated concerning the illegal betting scandal, but the coach
himself was convinced that everything will be solved soon.